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Toxic Cherries Win, Cherry Bombs Fall in Battle Creek

On Saturday, April 19, the teams of Traverse City Roller Derby participated as part of a triple-header of roller derby action at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek.  The Cherry Bombs fell to the Battle Creek Repeat Offenders by a score of 252 – 132 in their first bout of 2014, while the Toxic Cherries defeated the Battle Creek Cereal Killers 257 – 129.

The Cherry Bombs fell behind early to the Repeat Offenders, trailing at the half 152 – 62, and showed some opening bout butterflies as several skaters made their TCRD debuts.  The Bombs settled in during the second half and showed better teamwork and communication on the track, but were unable to close the deficit in the end.  Bombs’ captain Killah’ Cuda was named MVP Blocker for the Bombs, while Edgy Cate took home MVP Jammer.

The Cereal Killers jumped off the line quickly against the Toxic Cherries, building an early 20+ point lead, but TC claimed the lead halfway through the first half and never looked back.  The steady attack from the Toxics’ jammers allowed them to forge a halftime lead of 136 – 82.  The Toxic Cherries stifled the Cereal Killers in the second half, holding Battle Creek to 47 second half points thanks to the hard work of the Toxics’ walls of blockers, led by MVP Blocker Ninja Nurse.  Mace Hindu was named MVP Jammer in pacing the offense for the Toxics’ victory.

Traverse City Roller Derby now looks ahead to their home opening doubleheader, when the Dead River Derby Girls from Marquette meet the Cherry Bombs, while the Toxic Cherries battle the Forest City Derby Girls from London, Ontario on Saturday, May 17.

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