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Toxic Cherries and Cherry Bombs Fight Lansing but are Defeated in the End

After a stiflingly hot week in Traverse City, the fans and skaters alike were delighted to be granted a slight reprieve on this past July weekend at the Civic Center. Traverse City hosted a doubleheader against the visitors from the Lansing Derby Vixens. The Toxic Cherries played the All Stars and the Cherry Bombs played Capital Corruption. Both home teams were defeated, but it was a tough battle all the way on both sides.

The opening bout began fast and furious with jammer Honey Bee Hostile grabbing four points for Capital Corruption and Cherry Bombs jammer Wanda Hurtchu answering with four points of her own in the next jam. Cherry Bombs jammer Mel Practice padded the score with another set of four points while her blockers Cinderhella, Betty Bumpsnbruises, and Chief Dropaho all put take out hits on Capital Corruption jammer Think Tank. Wanda Hurtchu put up the next four points and it looked like the Cherry Bombs were really on a roll. Even when Capital Corruption jammer Katom Bomb got lead, Cherry Bombs jammer Mel Practice caught up to her and knocked her out of bounds to force the call off. A period of five jams followed that were a test of wills where no points were scored on either side till Capital Corruption jammer Misfortune Cookie was sent to the penalty box and Cherry Bombs jammer Rapunzel Rumble climbed the ladder for seven points while her blockers created a path for her. The Bombs had the lead at 19-21 at the midpoint of the first half. Capital Corruption held the Cherry Bombs to only five more points the rest of the half while they went on a scoring spree and racked up 92 points, over half of which were scored during power jams. The score at the end of the first half was 119-25 in favor of Capital Corruption.

In the second half, captains Cinderhella and Javalanche were both added into the jamming rotation with success, but the majority of the remaining jams fell on Wanda Hurtchu and Mel Practice. There was a great deal of back and forth and both teams were held to a single scoring pass or less whenever both jammers were on the track. Capital Corruption blockers had trouble budging jammers Cinderhella or Wanda Hurtyou while Mel Practice relied on quick hopping to get around players and Javalanche ran for holes as soon as they became available.

In the pack, the captains served as pivot blockers and succeeded at knocking jammers on the ground several times. Cherry Bombs blockers Betty Bumpsnbruises and Ms. Erie Machine excelled at capturing jammers and guiding them out of bounds. Chief Dropaho played offense well and put big hits on blockers messing with her jammer. Abbie Cuss got in the opposing jammer’s way often and Florence Fightingale was always ready to help her teammates out, putting love taps on the jammer once they’d slowed her down. On the Lansing team, jammer Honey Bee Hostile was almost unstoppable in getting lead jammer and jammer Katom Bomb used a lot of fancy footwork to get through the pack. Blockers Naught E. Nellie and Bloody Canvas delivered many powerful hits along with Katom Bomb in the pack. The final score of the bout was 204-59 in favor of Capital Corruption. MVP Jammer and MVP Blocker for Capital Corruption were awarded to Katom Bomb and Angiechrist. MVP Jammer and MVP Blocker for the Cherry Bombs were awarded to Rapunzel Rumble and Cinderhella.

The Toxic Cherries were eager to avenge their fallen Cherry Bomb comrades, but from the start, it felt like an uphill battle. Skating fast and hitting hard tended to be the theme of the night and it felt a little like old school derby. Both teams had deep jamming pools to deal with the exhaustion of playing in the heat. The score started out very close then slowly began to slip away from the Toxic Cherries. Toxic Cherries jammers Queen Elizabash the Fist, Mace Hindu, and Alanis More-a-Threat each scored a single scoring pass in the beginning of the half, but then business picked up for Lansing who held Traverse City scoreless for seven jams while they pushed the score up to 52-12. Gypsy Moonher broke the ice by dropping two points in the bucket for the Toxic Cherries and soon Notorious V.I.C. took a turn as jammer and added two more, but in between Derby Vixens jammer ChrisCross SlaughterSauce grabbed four. The Toxic Cherries held back Derby Vixens jammer Relative Velocity long enough for Queen Elizabash the Fist to make a four point pass while she was held to one point. What really opened the gap in the score was a fifteen point power jam scored by Derby Vixens jammer Mullicious Intent while the Toxic Cherries jammer was sent to the box, but when Alanis More-a-Threat returned to the track in the following jam, she not only stole lead jammer from Lansing, but also four points as well. The score going into halftime was 76-24 in favor of Lansing.

At half time, the team regrouped and came out fighting in a comeback jam that held Derby Vixens jammer Smaxx Kittenz back for two minutes while Toxic Cherries jammer Queen Elizabash the Fist scored a total of fifteen points and her teammates Coco Deathnell and Skrillasourus Rex rubber banded each other into Smaxx Kittenz and kept up the recycling effort. Lansing held Traverse City scoreless for the next two jams while Vicious Velma and Mullicious Intent took a single scoring pass each. Then Toxic Cherries blockers Bellatrix LeStrangle, Skrillasourus Rex, and Ninja Nurse tied up the Vixens blockers and jammer long enough for Toxic Cherries jammer Gypsy Moonher to put up three points for their team. Toxic Cherries jammer Diamondback Dawn followed with four points of her own. An unfortunate power jam allowed Derby Vixens jammer ChrisCross SlaughterSauce to push through the Toxic walls that were being broken up by the Vixens to the tune of fifteen points. In the next jam, the Toxic Cherries held back Derby Vixens jammer Mullicious Intent long enough for Toxic Cherries jammer Skrillasourus Rex to get released and snag lead jammer for fifteen points of her own while the Vixens only grabbed one. Derby Vixens jammer Vicious Velma chalked up four points in the next jam, but Toxic Cherries jammer Gypsy Moonher answered with four in jam after that while her blockers Bellatrix LeStrangle and Jackie Bauer held back Smaxx Kittenz.

Past the halfway point in the second half, the Toxic Cherries constant hitting out and recycling of Derby Vixens jammer ChrisCross SlaughterSauce was relentless and Toxic Cherries jammer Gypsy Moonher had one of her best jams of the night scoring several natural grand slams for a total of 22 points, bringing the score to 118-90 in favor of Lansing. Both teams continued to inch up their scores the rest of the half with neither gaining a strong advantage until the last runaway jam of the evening. Traverse City called a time out in order to skate the last jam for Queen Elizabash the Fist in her retirement bout. As jammer for the Toxic Cherries, she pushed and won lead jammer much to the delight of her teammates and the crowd and the jam went on for two full minutes with both teams scoring just for the love of derby. The final score came to 158-106 in favor of Lansing. Lansing is undefeated against Traverse City which only leaves our home team hungry for another rematch. MVP Jammer and MVP Blocker for the Lansing Derby Vixens were awarded to Mullicious Intent and Psycho Hose Beast. MVP Jammer and MVP Blocker for the Toxic Cherries were awarded to Queen Elizabash the Fist and Notorious V.I.C.

Come see Traverse City Roller Derby in action at our next home bout at the Civic Center on Saturday, August 17th and check us out on Facebook for more details.

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