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Toxics Take the Win over Killa Crew!

In February 2011, the Traverse City Toxic Cherries lost to Killamazoo’s Killa Crew by 145 points. Over two years later, the Toxic Cherries rematched the Killa Crew on their home court at the Civic Center. This time, the Cherries were the victors by nearly 200 points.

In the first jam of the bout, Killa Crew jammer Hill-De-Beast earned lead and a handful of points. The next jam, Toxic Cherry Diamondback Dawn grabbed lead but was reabsorbed into the pack and had to call off the jam before Crashive Aggressive could score, leaving a tied jam of 0-0. From that point on, the Toxic Cherries jammers earned lead for the rest of the half except for three jams, piling on points and never looking back. In the second half, the Killa Crew showed much more aggression in their blocking and jamming, but were unable to overcome the walls and positional blocking of the Toxic Cherries to help their jammers.

The Killa Crew’s Hill-De-Beast was voted MVP Jammer for the bout and clearly earned the title with impressive agility, apex jumps, and some fast maneuvering. The standout blockers for the Killa Crew were Rocket Hips (voted MVP Blocker) and RollaRamHer whose aggressive hits gave the Cherries some trouble on the track.

The Toxic Cherries earned lead jammer status 76% of the time and forced the most penalties on the opposing jammer, resulting in power jam situations. The lead scorers for the Toxic Cherries were Queen Elizabash the Fist(voted MVP Jammer) and Diamondback Dawn, tied at 62 points each, followed by Gypsy Moonher with 46 points, Mace Hindu with 33 points, Edgy Cate with 29 points, and Notorious VIC with 28 points. The Toxic Cherries as a team had 19 penalties compared with the Killa Crew’s 22 penalties, but the Killa Crew had more penalties on their jammers.

In the pack, Skrillasourus Wrecks(voted MVP Blocker) and Ninja Nurse gave the jammers the most trouble with their knock-out hits that kept putting jammers out of bounds or on the ground. Other frequent hitters included Notorious VIC, Bellatrix Lestrangle, Coco Deathknell, Trixie T-Bone, Jayna Jameson, Jackie Bauer, and Wanda Hurtchu. Edgy Cate was frequently found at the front of the pack mastering positional blocking on the opposing jammers just long enough for her teammates to come to her aid. The final score was 289-93 in favor of Traverse City.

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